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What’s Growing On? June 2022 News from Grow Education

by: Adam Davenport, Grow Education Program Manager

June was an abundant month for Grow Education. Students had several opportunities to get into the gardens to participate in a ‘seed-to-fork’ experience. For the majority of our students, this was the first time they had the opportunity to participate fully in the process of growing vegetables. Students worked alongside us as we planted seeds, monitored and observed their growth, and ultimately harvested the bounty. Before school closed for summer break, we had a blast harvesting full beds of lettuce and radishes. Students assisted in the cleaning, spinning, and chopping of veggies as we collectively prepared the freshest salad they’d ever tried! 

At every school, we witnessed a similar scenario playing out – several students would voice their concerns about eating the vegetables. We would hear statements such as, “I don’t eat lettuce” and “I don’t like radishes.” The Grow team simply encouraged them to at least do a taste-test, a concept we have been teaching them over the school year through a fresh fruit and veggie program with the New Bedford Food Service department. Over and over again, we would then witness at least half of these reluctant students as they went on to eat several bowls of salad after seeing their fellow classmates enjoying the experience. It’s amazing how healthy eating can quickly spread when it’s done in a fun, supportive way!

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