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In the next two weeks, the Massachusetts Legislature will make major decisions about our energy future – decisions that could affect the SouthCoast economy, community and environment, not to mention our utility bills. They’ll decide whether and how offshore wind will be a part of the energy resource mix; how much we will continue to invest in residential and commercial building energy efficiency; whether it will be more or less likely that pipelines will be delivering and storing natural gas in our neighborhoods, and more. Read more about the decisions here.

The Marion Institute’s SouthCoast Energy Challenge is partnering with four groups to help provide information and engagement on energy issues critical to our region. The first of three forums was held June 29th, in partnership with Leadership SouthCoast Media Group, the Acadia Center, SouthCoast Media Group, and the Toxics Action Center. For more information on the SouthCoast Energy Challenge, contact Millie Sanchez at

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