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“W.H.Y. Eats” Provides Healthy Meals to New Bedford Summer Youth Program

Over the past 6 weeks Grow Southcoast partnered with Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.) to form the “W.H.Y. Eats” program.  In order to serve wholesome, healthy youth experiences to their students, fresh, healthy and local meals were served by Mary-Ann of Paladar Kitchen.  Mary-Ann designed a menu of breakfast and lunches that were up to Farm to Table standards!

About 90 youth were able to test these menu items as the staff challenged their taste buds – and inform Grow’s Farm to School Initiative this coming school year.  Data was collected about the enjoyment of recipes, individual ingredients and the challenges of trying new foods.  The meals were designed to be scaleable to a school cafeteria menu, as well as culturally relevant to New Bedford’s diverse population!

Highlights of the program were in the amazement of the students that couldn’t believe that there were 13 different vegetables in the Cape Verdean Cachupa recipe that they devoured, and watching the extra slices of Puerto Rican Papusa (plaintain lasagna) disappear.

Watch the video below (made by one of the Y.O.U. staff!)


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