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Switch to Solar Power!

Money Saved: $1,750

Worried about your home utility bills skyrocketing? Here is a way you can avoid such an unfortunate predicament: try switching to Solar!

If you are a home owner and have a solar-worthy (south facing, unshaded) roof, don’t miss this chance to protect yourself from utility increases (current increases are about 6.7% a year). You can now use renewable solar energy as your NEW electricity provider, which costs less money than using a standard utility provider, while protecting our planet at the same time. You can start reaping the many benefits of harnessing the sun’s power as soon as you have solar panels installed!

Sign up using the Solar Assessment Form (under the SouthCoast Solar menu) on our website; you’ll be contacted by experts at Real Goods Solar to help guide you through the solar process.

On average, solar energy produces about 20 to 30 less CO2 and greenhouse gases than energy produced from buring coal, and can produce enough electricity to offset about 8,400lbs of CO2 from a coal burning power plant.

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