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For the January reading recommendations I feel it is important to recommend books that carry forward ideas within us. As a nurse, there have been a few in particular that I refer to and have expanded my knowledge base, and my way of thinking from. My reading has turned largely into research where I spend most of my free time.  A common theme of many of the books that excite me is the thought of what it means to live in the time we do.  Finding primary sources has helped me realize many things; least of all, that throughout much of history, people often feel they are in the “modern era.”  As we move forward in time and look back, the reality changes.  Therefore, in this “modern era” I am drawn to books that shed light on current ideas, practices, and beliefs.



Jane Dolan
Bioregulatory Medicine Programs Manager

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Human Heart, Cosmic Heart
by Dr. Thomas Cowan MD

This book begins with Steiner’s work and provoking claim that the heart is not a pump. Steiner was correct, and from that a series of new questions arise; what is the heart and what truly creates the pump if the heart does not?  Both of these questions intertwine the esoteric realm to science.  The intelligence of the heart and the system by which our circulation works offer insight into both the mystery of harmony in which we parallel nature.




Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History
by Suzanne Humphries MD 

In Dissolving Illusions, Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk take on one of the most controversial subjects of our time…vaccines. The historical fear that people have of diseases has severely clouded science and has allowed both deception and abuse to go unchecked today. Taking a look back at the data, Humphries and Bystrianyk show that the decline of disease was related to improvements in sanitation, clean water, heating, refrigeration, the supply of food, etc.

The knee jerk reaction “what about smallpox and polio” is one that has kept us tied to the antiquated belief that they were resolved through vaccination.                                                       Nothing could be further from the truth.


Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World
by Paul Stamets

As both a manual and a thought provoking account, Mycelium Running illuminates the profound effect mushrooms have in restoring our earth as well as the medicinal properties of each. The mechanism by which the fruit of the mushroom, called the mycelium, breaks down debris (sometimes even toxic) and recycles this into carbon, nitrogen, and other byproducts needed to sustain life, is intelligent, even magical.  You may never look at the world of mycelium quite the same way!

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