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A common indoor water wasting problem that causes people to visit is leaky toilets. A toilet that leaks is costing you money right under you, literally. Water dripping, phantom flushing, continuous trickling sound, and drip and refill are some symptoms of a leaky toilet. One of the most common symptoms, is water slowly leaking into your toilet bowl. So quick, catch your leaky toilet in the act before he runs away with your moolah. If you have decided enough is enough and you want a new toilet, whether it’s because of constant leaking, redecoration, moving house or you just fancy a change, you can check out to give you an informative review of toilets so you know the one you’re thinking of buying is going to be worth the investment, including coming leak free. But don’t worry if it leaks, since a leaking toilet is one of the many common home plumbing problems and fixes known by plumbers! Your Challenge: Check to make sure your toilet doesn’t leak. Place some drops of food coloring into the toilet tank, and without flushing, wait an hour to see if the food dye transfers into the toilet bowl or drips onto the floor. If it does, replace the problem gaskets or if your toilet uses more than 1.6 gallons per flush replace it with a newer one.

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