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Advanced Neural Therapy and European Biological Workshop

Dr. Ralf Oettmeier graduated “summa cum laude” from medical school at Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena, Germany in 1988. He received additional degrees in Homeopathy (1992), Chiro Therapy (1993), Neural Therapy (1996), Natural Healing Methods (1998), Integrative Biological Cancer Medicine (2001), Special Pain Treatments (2002), F.X. MAYR Diagnostics and Therapy (2003) and Acupuncture (2006). He worked in private practice, was a leading physician at the Clinic “im Leben” Greiz, Germany (Special treatment center for biological cancer medicine, F.X. MAYR therapy, natural healing methods, hyperthermia and pain treatment); and has been a leading physician in Paracelsus Academy for Biological Medicine. He published in journals and textbooks and is a frequent speaker at international congresses and seminars. Neural Therapy (NT) is one of the most effective and safe therapeutic modalities and is becoming more requested by patients in the US and Canada. Injection outcomes are versatile providing healing, detoxification and anti-aging effects. NT is applicable in most medical, dental, psychiatric, pain management and other areas. Knowledge of NT will allow you to become an exceptional, highly demanded practitioner and provide you with an additional revenue stream. This hands–on course is aimed at those with some prior experience in NT. Many injection techniques were never conveyed in the US. In addition, the course will illuminate the German Biological Medicine (GBM) approach rarely taught in North America. It will help to amalgamate multiple diagnostic and treatment modalities helping to resolve common and treatment resistant conditions. The course will help to integrate recent scientific evidence-based achievements in GBM and NT with their application in a day-to-day practice. This course is designed for M.D.’s, D.O.’s, D.D.S.’s, D.V.M.’s, N.D.’s, P.A.’s, and R.N.’s who are interested in honing their skills in evolving fields, learning better diagnostic and treatment techniques and ways to incorporate Biological Medicine, thereby assisting them in becoming outstanding professionals in their respective fields. Lectures: • The old and innovative “royal drug“ Procaine • Practice of systemic Procaine treatment with infusion and orally • Introduction into the BIO-In2-concept to support inner organs and to complement classic neural therapy • background of used natural remedies • psycho-somatic medicine and its importance to incorporate in daily work • injection techniques for scars, tonsils, lymphatic zones, adrenals, thyroid, upper abdominal organs, intestines, pelvic organs) • The lymphatic system under holistic view • Practical training of all demonstrated techniques

2019 EuroMed Tour

After rave reviews from previous attendees, the 2019 EuroMed Tour has scheduled another trip through Germany. This week-long tour offers first-hand experiences to "explore the roots of natural medicine" through excursions at pioneer clinics and facilities including WALA, private cultural exhibits, birth places of modern medicine, advanced leading treatment centers, and much more. The trip will be limited to ca. 20 attendees. Spots are expected to fill quickly. Please click on the link for more information and trip details. To secure your spot or for any further information, please contact Dr. Chip Halverson at at Northwest Center for Biological Medicine.
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