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                                            Building a Healthier Community Through Food Security. 

Building a Healthier Community Through Food Security. 

Formally known as the Southeastern MA Food Security Network, the Marion Institute Southcoast Food Policy Council’s mission is to connect, convene, and advocate for local food producers, consumers, and community leaders who seek policy and systems that strengthen our regional food system, improve community health, and eliminate food insecurity.

Free Meals Through Shah Foundation with Local Partners

The newest emergency food provider partnership began in January 2021 with the Shah Foundation and Stock Pot Malden. In six months, the community partners had delivered 285,952 breakfasts and lunches to children and families in the Southcoast area. Now, the Southcoast Food Policy Council is turning its attention to setting up the infrastructure of the Food Policy Council. To read the full article, click here.

Free Meals through Shah Foundation with Local Partnerships

Sign up for Southcoast FoodAlert

A listserv for local food providers and stakeholders in the community, the Southcoast FoodAlert (SCFA) is used to communicate emergency food relief information amongst each other. SCFA provides a dedicated space for members to share, collaborate and organize the distribution of food resources, including but not limited to, food surpluses, food storage, food delivery and retrieval.


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