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Our commitment to Southcoast Massachusetts runs deep. Grow Southcoast programs – Grow Education and Grow Health – focus on educating the community and engaging underserved populations with a goal of a healthier Southcoast. From local farms and our school-based community gardens to nutritional awareness and educational outreach in school cafeterias and in the community, these programs work to inspire and influence greater quality health throughout the region.

Grow Education cultivates family and school partnerships in marginalized neighborhoods, through a school-based community garden approach focused on project-based learning. We work with public schools in New Bedford, MA and partner with community organizations to support the advancement of STEM curriculum while incorporating skills for healthy living and education on career opportunities in STEM-related fields.

Grow Health works to reverse the trends of chronic disease using a bioregulatory approach in community health development. Our goal is to influence and encourage a shift in community habits from healthcare to creating health, focusing on integrating the pillars of Bioregulatory Medicine; quality nutrition, immune system strengthening and detoxification, into the culture of the Southcoast region.

Liz Wiley
Executive Director
508-748-0816 x 116

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