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About Grow Education


Our Mission

To cultivate family and school partnerships in marginalized neighborhoods, through a school-based community garden approach focused on project-based learning and environmental and social justice.

Who We Serve

Public school teachers, students and families in 7 New Bedford Public Schools, impacting over 7,000 children.

Our Programs and Services

Grow Education (Grow) uses a unique school-based community garden model to strengthen the connections between residents of underserved neighborhoods and the ecosystems that support them.  Grow operates at three levels:

School-Based Community Gardens: Grow operates school-based community gardens at 7 public schools located in low and moderate income neighborhoods of the City of New Bedford.  These urban gardens function as a critical platform to teach students culturally relevant lessons about earth science, environmental and agricultural sustainability and nutrition.

Community Engagement: Unlike other school gardens, Grow gardens are community gardens located on public school property. This means that in addition to students, neighborhood parents and residents are active participant-owners who are engaged in crop selection, harvests, garden building workshops and cooking demonstrations.

Curriculum Development:  Grow facilitates focus groups with parents, teachers and students to modify curriculum standards to use the garden as a platform for learning.  Grow then provides training workshops for educators in New Bedford who are interested in expanding their practical content and best practice knowledge using the modified lessons.

Grow Education Schools

Alfred J. Gomes Elementary
Carlos Pacheco Elementary
Elizabeth C. Brooks Elementary
Ellen R. Hathaway Elementary
Hayden McFadden Elementary
Jacobs Elementary
John Avery Parker Elementary
New Bedford High School
Renaissance Community Innovation School
Sgt. Wm. H. Carney Memorial Academy
Thomas R. Rodman Elementary
Trinity Day Academy High School

GROW Education is proving that once the surrounding neighborhoods become engaged, the conversation about creating a healthy, sustainable ecosystem in the garden can naturally expand to the larger ecosystems surrounding those gardens. With evening and weekend workshops on everything from healthy food to sustainable energy use, GROW helps local schools fulfill their broader promise of strengthening the future for students, their families, and their surrounding communities.

Need Help Strengthening Your Community?
We offer consulting services for new and existing community garden and cross-cultural outreach programs.

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