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Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 12.09.01 PMPlease consider a tax-deductible donation to the Bioregulatory Medicine Network Patient Scholarship Fund. Your generosity will assist patients suffering with chronic or life-altering diseases afford the medical treatments they desperately need.

“To you who made this experience a reality for me, it is impossible for me to express my gratitude, because it is infinite.” – Judy N., Patient Scholarship Recipient

The BioMed Network has a limited amount of funds available for financial assistance for patients seeking care at BioMed clinics in North America and internationally at the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland.

Financial Assistance Criteria

Financial assistance is offered for patients seeking bioregulatoryl medicine care with a diagnosis of cancer, an autoimmune disease, infectious disease, heart disease or digestive disorder.

The Bioregulatory Medicine Network provides partial financial assistance for treatment. The Bioregulatory Medicine Network is unable to provide full payment for treatment. Therefore, the patient/applicant will be responsible for the remainder of the treatment costs, paid directly to the facility/medical provider.

Financial assistance is based on the following criteria:

  • Urgency of need;
  • Financial need; and
  • Commitment to treatment program and desire to change behaviors.

Financial need is based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG). Applicants with an annual household income exceeding 500% FPG will not be considered for financial assistance. (Please note that this chart is not applicable for residents of Alaska, Hawaii and Washington, D.C.) Applicants are required to send a copy of their most recent tax return or tax transcript from the IRS as financial documentation to help the Biological Medicine Network Application Committee determine financial need.

2016 Federal Poverty Guidelines

Family Size 100% FPG 500% FPG
1 $11,770 $58,850
2 $15,930 $79,650
3 $20,090 $100,450
4 $24,250 $121,250
5 $28,410 $142,050
6 $32,570 $162,850
7 $36,730 $183,650
8 $40,890 $204,450


  • Funds will be paid directly to the clinic/doctor administering treatment, restricted for the specified patient’s care. Funds are limited to direct diagnostic testing and therapeutic treatment. Funds may be used for dental care in the United States and Canada ONLY.
  • Funds may not be used for services covered by the patient’s health and/or dental insurance plan. In addition, funds may not be used to pay for copayments, coinsurance, and/or deductibles, which are the patient’s responsibility.
  • Funds may not be used for transportation, lodging, food, spa services, elective procedures not prescribed by the practitioner, supplements or pharmaceuticals.
  • The treatment facility must have at least one trained biological medicine practitioner on staff, within the Bioregulatory Medicine Network.
  • Financial assistance may not be used to cover payments for past treatment.
  • Funds may not exceed the cost of treatment incurred at the designated facility and must be returned to the Bioregulatory Medicine Network if charges are not incurred.

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