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milkweed-200x200We are an educational center to preserve the Light of an ancient and living Tradition of Medicine. This Medicine of Oneness re-establishes the interconnectedness of life in the individual and the planet.  We train physicians and artists of all traditions to work with the Light of Creation, to develop skill, capacity and the passions for service. An alchemical tradition, we reach to the source of Life as well as the root causes of illness in the human body, mind and spirit. Ancient Songs of Creation (Taoist Alchemical Protocols) treat disease where little else can, restoring integrity of Spirit to the individual and the connection of Oneness to the Heart of the World.

The root cause of illness today is at the level of the Spirit, and must be addressed together with human culpability for the imbalance of our ecosystem. Ancient maps of Light (Songs) were given to the first humans to care for their place in the world and each other.  The task was to root the Light. This esoteric wisdom has been mostly lost.  Without it there is no way to address the disharmony of the modern mind, so dangerously alienated from its Source.  First medicines addressed the needs of all Creation concurrently with the need of the human. Challenge to our Time is to remember such resonance of Oneness.

floating candles-200x200We are dedicated to teaching and treating at the deepest level of Life, as Above, so Below.  Because the Tradition is alchemical it is capable of working within the darkness of the individual and our time: restoring authenticity at the level of the body, mind, and spirit of the individual and collective.  This Tradition arrives from a time when Humans had not separated themselves from the cycles of nature and the imminence of the Divine.  These ancient alchemical odes build a structure of resonance between Heaven and Earth in the heart of the physician that allows the Light to reach where little else can.

The Unseen Hand
Laura Barnard Stelmok, BA, Mac, Dipl.Ac(NCCA)
President and Program Director

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