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Spiritual Warrior Society

Spiritual Warrior Society Launches International Activation Tour Fundraiser

The Spiritual Warrior Activation Tour is a service opportunity for the traveling SW Education Team to provide hundreds of free workshops, interactive artistic performances, public rituals, song leading, individual and group healing and much more. Spiritual Warrior Society Activators will be sharing spiritual tools of self guided leadership initiation using creativity and healing trauma with both individuals and groups.

The goal is to visit 10 regions and reach 10,000 people from Toronto, Ontario, through the east coast of the United States, ending in Kingston Jamaica. Funding allows for Spiritual Warriors to travel to Ontario, Canada, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Washington DC, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago spreading the philosophy and practice of self initiation into leadership, spirit, art, and healing.

The Mission of the Spiritual Warrior Society is training leaders who are committed to building movements through engaging in spirituality and healing justice.

The Spiritual Warrior Society was born as a response to the ineffectiveness of our existing leadership ideas, training, and behaviors. The major concepts for The Spiritual Warrior Society developed through the efforts of an intergenerational focus group led by Khepe-Ra over a decade and through numerous seminars with community development professionals and activists throughout North America and the islands.

Through The Spiritual Warrior Society, Khepe-Ra offers a goal-oriented, planet-centered, and culturally expansive training model, called Healing Power Missions, to revive and rebuild the leadership. This model is focused on developing new and existing leaders to become Spiritual Warriors, while acknowledging the potential in every human to be a leader.

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