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Active Initiative:

Slow Tools


  1. To promote and fund the sustainable and local manufacture of tools.

  2. To promote design engineering education in villages and neighborhoods.

  3. To enable sustainable and regenerative practices through design and education.

  4. To help achieve environmental and financial sustainability through innovation.

  5. To create a global cooperative for the sharing of tool designs.

Our missions include the need to provide nutritious food and soil, clean water and energy, environmental and human health, and cultural democracy and security.  We believe these goals are best achieved locally, changing as needed to adapt to people’s basic local needs.

We began 10 years ago as a movement among farmers, designers, and engineers to identify, design and make tools for the small farm community.

Farming and food are the essential source of renewable human energy and health. This mission is a fundamental cornerstone of our efforts.

The Slow Tools organization works with high school and college students, as well as professionals, to develop practical skills through a pedagogy of design and engineering for real world applications.  SlowTools fosters cooperative learning ventures with students, farmers, designers, and engineers to develop prototypes for sustainable regenerative agriculture.

We research, design, and prototype new farming systems and technology, based on maintaining ecosystem health.  We design and test new farming concepts, layouts, and operations. It is paramount that we take on this role to collectively reduce the time, waste and risk farmers face in an industry with tight profit margins. It’s up to us to help solve the problems facing small farms and help make them more financially and environmentally sustainable. We will make products accessible to farmers, academic institutions, and industries that share our ethical and philosophical goals.


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