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The Biological Medicine Network actively works with practitioners and patients who want the latest updates on protocols, treatments, products and referrals. Because of increased demand for alternatives to allopathic medicine, we work hard to spread the word about biological medicine, while promoting partners and sponsors in order to thrive together.

The Marion Institute is the recipient of a substantial Google Adwords Grant. BMN utilizes this to increase traffic to our website, consequently building exposure of partners and sponsors to a highly targeted user. The increased traffic also expands our email list, which has over 7,600 subscribers.

If your company/clinic seeks change in healing and health through quality products or patient care aligned with the bioregulatory medicine philosophy, we invite you to become a sponsor of this organization.

Become a BMN Sponsor!

Examples of what you will receive in return:

  • Logo displayed at the bottom of all e-blasts within the year
  • Highlighted once a year in our widely read e-newsletter
  • Logo, description (100 words) and hyperlink to your webpage on BMN sponsors’ webpage
  • Logo displayed intermittently throughout the website, linking to the sponsors’ webpage
  • Facebook posts highlighting your company as BMN Sponsor (we encourage you to send us news and upcoming events for us to share and help to build your page’s membership)
  • Promotion of your trainings and seminars on our high traffic website and Facebook page
  • Continued exposure of your business through our blog with articles you provide to us throughout the year

We are an inclusive network that is happy to speak with you about a sponsorship package that is right for your organization’s needs.

Please note: The Biological Medicine Network reserves the right to decline sponsorship to businesses and organizations that we do not feel are in line with the mission of our program.

Please contact Cheryl Radford at or at (508) 748-0816 x 110 if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or if you have any questions.

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