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BioBlog: The Benefits Of IV Therapy

BioBlog: The Benefits of IV Therapy

IV Therapy combines the latest in healthcare science and technologies to deliver patients with the tools they need to improve health and healing. In this article, Dr. Dickson Thom, DDS, ND speaks to the benefits of IV therapy and its safe use as a treatment option.
BioBlog: Understanding Histamine Intolerance

BioBlog: Understanding Histamine Intolerance

Histamine Intolerance (HIT) can create major disruptions to feelings of health and wellness, contributing to a variety of symptoms as histamine toxicity is expressed throughout the body. In this article, Dr. Martin Hart of the Biologix Center for Optimum Health sheds light on HIT and offers hope for those suffering from this condition. Join us for our next BioBites on July 6th, 2021 to learn more about HIT with Dr. Hart.
BioBlog: Diagnostics The BioMed Way – April BioBites Goes Back To The Beginning

BioBlog: Diagnostics the BioMed Way – April BioBites Goes Back to the Beginning

On April 6, Dr. Jeoff Drobot, ND will be our guest as we learn more about the array of technologies available to assist in diagnosing and treating illness and how these technologies shed new light on the causative factors of illness. Secure your spot now to gain valuable knowledge that can help you solve your health mysteries.
BioBlog: Women’s Health Month: Focus On Breast Health

BioBlog: Women’s Health Month: Focus on Breast Health

According to available data, breast cancer is the second most prevalent form of cancer among women behind skin cancer. It’s also the second leading cause of cancer death among all women and the leading cause of cancer death among Hispanic women.
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