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BioBlog: Spotlight On Well Rooted Dentistry

BioBlog: Spotlight on Well Rooted Dentistry

Learn more about Biological Dentistry in this spotlight on Well Rooted Dentistry, located in Providence, RI. This BioBlog was guest written by Dr. Sylvia Zannis, DDS and Amber White, AAS, from the BioMed Center New England. Dr. Zannis will join us as the host of the May BioBites on-you guessed it-biological dentistry!
Dentistry: Galvanic Toxins With Dr. Thomas Rau

Dentistry: Galvanic Toxins with Dr. Thomas Rau

If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a patient at the Paracelsus Clinic, please contact: Barbara Christian, Patient Coordinator, at

Whole Body Dentistry

Whole Body Dentistry

Whole-Body Dentistry is an attractive and well-executed lay-person's guide to sensible dental decision-making. Written in a refreshingly open, simple and accessible first person style, the author's passion, dedication and vast…

BioBlog: May BioBites – Dental Care For Whole Body Health

BioBlog: May BioBites – Dental Care for Whole Body Health

On May 4, Dr. Sylvia Zannis, DDS and Amber White, AAS from the BioMed Center of New England will join us in an hour of conversation about bioregulatory dentistry, including everything from intake and the patient experience to principles and procedures. Secure your space now.
BioBlog: Diagnostics The BioMed Way – April BioBites Goes Back To The Beginning

BioBlog: Diagnostics the BioMed Way – April BioBites Goes Back to the Beginning

On April 6, Dr. Jeoff Drobot, ND will be our guest as we learn more about the array of technologies available to assist in diagnosing and treating illness and how these technologies shed new light on the causative factors of illness. Secure your spot now to gain valuable knowledge that can help you solve your health mysteries.
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