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Recommended Reading – Breast Cancer: The Rest Of The Story

Recommended Reading – Breast Cancer: The Rest of the Story

There are few things more frightening for a woman than the discovery of a lump in her breast. Usually, the first thought that comes to her mind is breast cancer. Fortunately, most lumps – approximately more than 80% are benign – but as for the cancerous lumps, each has a unique story to tell.
Cancer: Tumor Therapy

Cancer: Tumor Therapy

Explanation of Biological Tumor Therapy and reasons for the application of alternative medicines and treatment modalities for biological cancer therapy Alternative tumor therapy or more correctly called holistic cancer therapy,…

Cancer: Oncothermia

Cancer: Oncothermia

Patient's Guide Oncothermia - a complementary medical solution in the fight against cancer Paracelsus Clinic, Lustmuhle The Oncothermia is a young form of therapy in Oncology. The non-toxic procedure and…

What YOU Can Do To Prevent Cancer

What YOU Can Do to Prevent Cancer

Paracelsus Klinik Lustmuhle In Switzerland, around 37,000 people a year are diagnosed with cancer. I have been treating cancer patients with a variety of methods for 25 years. The best…

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