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About Grow Education


GROW Education is an innovative community gardening initiative that works with local schools to cultivate healthy bonds in urban neighborhoods. The GROW Education gardens provide hands-on learning during the school day, and a hub for cultivating community education and action throughout the year.

GROW Education relies on the core strengths of its local neighborhoods to thrive: public land, shared labor, diverse cultural heritage, and common aspiration for a better future. When it is time to build and plant a garden, family members of every age turn out, especially in the neighborhoods with strong populations of recent immigrants. They bring with them generations of knowledge about the cultivation and preparation of food, along with a traditional sense of the connection between healthy food, healthy individuals and healthy communities.


In just three years, GROW Education has expanded into 12 schools in New Bedford, Massachusetts, establishing a consistent track record as one of the most effective tools for bringing local residents together. These school-based community gardens have an empowering effect on students and families, quickly becoming a platform for sharing new ideas for individual and community growth.

GROW Education is proving that once the surrounding neighborhoods become engaged, the conversation about creating a healthy, sustainable ecosystem in the garden can naturally expand to the larger ecosystems surrounding those gardens. With evening and weekend workshops on everything from healthy food to sustainable energy use, GROW helps local schools fulfill their broader promise of strengthening the future for students, their families, and their surrounding communities.

Need Help Strengthening Your Community?
We offer consulting services for new and existing community garden and cross-cultural outreach programs.

GROW Workshops

Composting Basics
Cooking Demonstrations
Fermentation Basics
Bilingual literacy series
Harvesting Techniques
Cultural farming practices
Garden building days
Garden planting days
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