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BioMed Scholarships

BioMed Scholarships

The BioMed Network has a limited amount of funds available for financial assistance for patients seeking care.
Thermography: Natural Breast & Prostate Health

Thermography: Natural Breast & Prostate Health

by Jillian VanNostrand, R.N., Pursuing natural breast and prostate health care proactively can lead to an exciting path of self discovery and personal empowerment. At Seacoast Breast Health, thermography is the logical starting…

Pain Treatment

Pain Treatment

Paracelsus Pain Treatment is Different - Finding and eliminating the causes by Dr. Thomas Rau, Paracelsus Clinic As a contemporary phenomenon, every clinic employs its own “pain specialist” or has…

Nutrition: 5 Foods To Help You Stay Hydrated

Nutrition: 5 Foods to Help You Stay Hydrated

It’s always important to drink plenty of water, but in the summer we lose fluids more quickly and it is vital that we get enough hydration. While everyone’s requirements may…

Laser Light Therapy At Paracelsus Clinic

Laser Light Therapy at Paracelsus Clinic

What is Low Level Laser Light? LASER (Light Amplification Stimulated Emission of Radiation), is an isolated wavelength of light.  It is low level laser light because the power of the…

Our Story

Michael and Margie Baldwin Michael and Margie Baldwin founded the Marion Institute in 1993 and they are also co-founders of the store How on Earth in Mattapoisett, MA. Their vision,…

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